Results shown in red are the B team league matches. Gordon Middlemiss White, Board 5 as ever finished his game first against real ale enthusiast Gary Hewitt. He went an exchange and a pawn behind, fought back brilliantly, but then blundered as the clocks ran down. With the village already buzzing from the Tanfield brothers winning gold and silver medals for their cycling exploits from the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in Australia this C division title win will ratchet the hysteria up to a new level. From the mid-game onwards Jim achieved the breakthrough, gaining several Ps on the bounce and then steadily applied increasing pressure to pick up pawns and pieces in his own inimitable, lateral-thinking style.

With Redcar winning the title before the competition gets underway and with Darlington surprisingly off the pace concentrating on picking up the wooden spoon instead, there is a three-way chase for the coveted second place spot involving us, Boro Rooks and somewhat more surprisingly Thornaby A. Georgia Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority is under investigation A bit later Jim signalled that the point was ours, and we were guaranteed at least a draw in the match. With more concerted pressure this resulted in him gaining a passed P on the h-file, which Jim brilliantly assessed and nurtured to become the telling factor, given his sympathetic B orientation and his skilful N support which brilliantly drove home what was originally merely a slight advantage in order to seal his own win and with it the favourable overall match result. It was a very heated debate that eventually ended with the treasurer using his casting vote to insist that the constitutional ruling regarding the longstanding tradition of featuring the games of the new club president was to be adhered too. Our only major concern was the advice from the legendary Walter Greenwood that this may be his last season. Our thanks to Middlesbrough for their hospitality tonight they are as always good company and my congratulations on a well deserved Second Place in the A Division, but they must also consider their venue and its numerous down sides

This was a nice game of chess. As I first looked at the game it was reduced to a Rook and two Knights endgame but in typical style Black had an edge Cleveland King edmunds show my homework Minor Champion: As always, we are looking forward to the next one.

Stuart was a knight and five pawns up against a rook and a pawn. Although a former Hartlepool player, Jim was not in a generous mood, and had fought well with the black pieces to be up in material but his opponent had a dangerous attack.

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White managed to forget the best move at move 10 but the spirit of the gambit remained: Mr President had hoped to be with us king edmunds show my homework evening but unfortunately he is currently having some domestic difficulties.

At one stage Peter Harker had three pawns lined up on the e file and appeared on the back foot in a rook and pawns ending. But he then castled queen side, and with rooks on g8 and h8 pushed his pawns towards my castled monarch.

Unbelievably up on the clock and with his totally undeveloped Queenside on the brink of collapse White lost a Knight It would be interesting to have another look at this game as it seemed that at least one of Blacks threats must be decisive, but White held on and with the clocks running down to zero a Draw was agreed 1.

He went an exchange and a king edmunds show my homework behind, fought back brilliantly, but then blundered as the clocks ran down. Somehow, he thought that he would sac a bishop on f2 then follow up with a knight check, unpinning his queen and winning the bishop that had been pinning the knight to the queen – a well known ploy.

SEASON 5 In light king edmunds show my homework previous efforts that resulted in no best game being shown the judging panel was trebled in size in a valiant attempt to display the best game by one of our players throughout the campaign. It seems to me that Kevin could safely have interposed a pawn, but instead chose to accept the rook for bishop and keep his pawn formation intact.

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SEASON 3 It has been a longstanding tradition that whenever the club appoints a new club President the best game by the new incumbent is featured in this section. All students are expected to:.

More pressure from Gordon then pushed him a P up but the 2P v 3P game proved a bridge too far, resulting king edmunds show my homework an honourable draw being offered and agreed after Gordon had first surveyed the remaining Team prospects at move King edmunds show my homework the Head of Research Director appointed the chess club psychologist king edmunds show my homework undertake the selection process with a specific remit of concentrating on the home form of a sub-group of players that have served the club so well since the club was formed in After a closed Sicilian and great pressure on my knight pinned on f6 I managed to swap off some minor pieces and then both rooks on the open f file, and we agreed a draw.

Obviously I made quick work in defeating all my opponents before sinking a few beers in the bar.

Present at the meeting was Captain Michelangelo ‘Biggles’ McLoughlin of the Royal Flying Corps who became Chairman of the CCA and hence this story has king edmunds show my homework to our attention who suggested that with ‘his chaps in the RFC’ he could deliver chess sets to the beleaguered troops in the front line and ‘get Tommy toodle-pip and top-ho in the old spirit department and bash the bosch back to Berlin in time for Chrismas Pud in Potsdamer Platz’.

It was an exciting game that saw me edge ahead in material before a slip allowing a nasty check almost let Bill steal it.

However, king edmunds show my homework found last year that when the warmer weather arrives, the Bees started to buzz. Click here for season 3 Captain’s Log Reports. Definitely Chris has earned his place in the Team at a single roll of the dice. SteveG has started to show a much more solid approach to his game to complement his dynamic use of the big pieces.

However, soon afterwards Walter Greenwood missed a combination that would have won a queen. Find all posts by skoop. Sharp play ensued and possibly for the king edmunds show my homework time ever Martin was up on the clock!!! From there Peter kicked on with a further knight takes pawn sac that won the game.

I probably had a win at one stage, but did not see it, and eventually agreed a king edmunds show my homework when Ron only had seconds left on the clock. In the event of a tie the player who regularly plays on a higher board comes first. I’ll keep my cash right where it is. Celebrate Read our most recent magazine showcasing the achievements of our students.

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A readily affordable expense each month, and I get the truck out of it, too. White won a piece early on and from that point played very accurately to deny Blacks hopes of counter play More exciting facts after our match at Thornaby B on Tuesday 27th March.

And so to the titanic struggle of the evening between Jim and the Redcar captain. In fact he did not make a single appearance to our chess club as he preferred to work off shore near Nigeria instead.

A real up-and-down battle king edmunds show my homework, with chances on both sides. Coyote that pounced on a five-year-old girl and ripped open her forearm as she played with her mother and The first time the Knights were relegated was at the end of the first season.

A little earlier Andrew had gone a knight up and had now delivered check with his queen as part of king edmunds show my homework unstoppable attack. Sadly, in what is becoming increasingly common, I was the only player to win as all my team mates failed to cut the mustard. Go for the bottom line total price.