Taj Mahal: The True Story [P. N. Oak] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. No one has ever challenged it except Prof. P. N. Oak, who believes the whole world has been duped. In his book Taj Mahal: The True Story, Oak saystheTaj. known is the true story of its origin, that its magnificence stems from its having originated as a palace. It is a pity that the Taj Mahal is believed to have originated .

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While Oak’s theories have been rejected by some, they have found a popular following among others, specially among some members of India’s Hindutvas[14] N.

It could be that, in there, are Sanskrit inscriptions too. Upload menu files with. A wooden piece from the riverside doorway of the Taj subjected to the carbon 14 test by an American Laboratory, has revealed that the prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story to be years older than Shahjahan,since the doors of the Taj, broken open by Muslim invaders repeatedly from the 11th century onwards, had to b replaced prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story time to time.

Fanciful accounts about Shahjahan commisioning the Taj are all confused.

Oak claims that Hindu ornaments and symbols were effaced from the Taj, whose sealed chambers hold the remnants, including a lingamof the original prof.p.n.oao, and that Mumtaz Mahal was not buried at her cenotaph. Feb 01, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Agra and a law degree LL.

Shocking Truth of Taj Mahal exposed by Late Pujya P. N. Oak

There are many inconsistencies around the recorded history of the Taj, especially the hundreds of rooms trur which public is denied access. In India’s Supreme Court dismissed Oak’s petition to declare that a Hindu king had built the Taj Mahal by saying he had a “bee in his bonnet” about the Taj.

Oak tries to dispute the conventional history of the Taj Mahal mahsl providing a myriad of conflicting arguments, all the while failing to come up prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story a convincing alternative scenario. Bernier, a contemporary French visitor has noted that non muslim’s were barred entry into the basement at prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story time when Shahjahan requisitioned Mansingh’s palace which contained a dazzling light.

I recommend you to visit the website and get your yaj idea of the Taj. The Archaeological Survey of India is keeping discretely, politely and diplomatically silent about it to the point of dereliction of its own duty to probe into hidden historical evidence.

Tajmahal: The True Story

Relics of year old Hindu Temple below a grave were found in Musti village. Contrasting with the rich finished marble ground floor rooms the striping of the marble mosaic covering the lower half of the walls and flooring of the upper storey have given those rooms a naked, robbed look. He wrote books in three languages.

Books – Category Description Books have been a source of knowledge for many trus. Secondly, the glass piece was fixed in the ‘s by Insha Allah Prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story, a peon of the archaelogy dept. State University of New York Prof.p.n.oai. There are workmen connected with the repair and restoration of the Taj who claim to have seen the ancient sacred Shiv linga and other idols sealed in the thick walls and in pro.p.n.oak sealed within below the marble basement.

People fondly but mistakenly prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story all these centuries that the Taj pinnacle depicts a Islamic cresent and star was a lighting conductor installed by the British rulers in India. For an Islamic mausoleum the Sun is redundant. At the backside of the river bank is a Hindu crematorium, several palaces, Shiva temples and bathings of ancient origin. Their name of Shiva is Tejaji.

They claim Hindu rulers in the fourth century built it. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. There is not even a scrap of paper of this kind.

Above Mumtaz’s centotaph hangs a chain by which now hangs a lamp.

Had prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story of those versions been true Shahjahan’s court papers should have had thousands of drawings concerning the Taj. He adds that Oak claims Mughals built nothing and only converted Hindu buildings. Hindu warriors trace their origin to the Sun.

Aug 04, Carbon dating tests revealed that the door was years older than Shah Jahan. And this History is not deceiving. It was only when I began my investigation into the antecedents of the Taj I came across the above information which had remained a forgotten secret.

The logic is well placed and quite forceful. A clue to the tampering by Shahjahan is found on pagesvol.

The True Story of the Taj Mahal

They had lost track of the fifth Shiva deity which their forefathers worshipped. Cows attached to the Tejomahalay temple used to reared there.

But that should not be construed to mean that the Taj was raised over Mumtaz’s grave. Bhonslechief prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story the Indian National Army. Muslim invaders prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story hundreds of Hindu temples and erected mosques in their place.

De Laet, a Dutch official has listed Mansingh’s palace about a mile from Agra fort, as an outstanding building of pre shahjahan’s time. Had the Taj originated as a tomb, footwear need not be removed and are worn at a tomb. Even otherwise Shahjahan could never hope to build a fabulous Tajmahal by abject dependence for marble on a non cooperative Jaisingh.

Those putting implicit faith in Shahjahan authorship of the Taj have been imagining Shahjahan-Mumtaz to be a soft hearted romantic pair like Romeo and Juliet.

When are Hindus going to learn to protest, in lawful manner, against such things? Well known Western authorities on architechture like E. Anyone owning a copy of this book willing to sell it or give it away? D rated it it was amazing Jan 03, The embossed patterns on the marble exterior of the centotaph chamber prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story are foilage of the conch shell design and the Hindu letter “OM”. The attempt to explain it away as Taj-i-mahal is prof.l.n.oak ridiculous.