Sorcery: The Shamutanti Hills [Steve Jackson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this first adventure of a game, players become wizards. 31 Mar The first book of Sorcery gamebook series from Steve Jackson. THE SHAMUTANTI HILLS Steve Jackson is an internationally known figure in the fantasy-games world. He is cofounder of Games Workshop Ltd., the largest.

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You may add 3 shamutwnti points if you eat. I remember reading it lying on my stomach in a hotel room in Singapore. It appears that they are mining the cave as shamutanti hills trudge in and out of the opening, carrying large bowls shamutanti hills of glistening rocks and dull metallic nuggets.

You follow the path down and into the village. Turn to Alianna Turn to If you do not know her name, you may Test your LuckIf you are Lucky, you may guess one of the shamutanti hills above. The room inside is dirty and sooty with dust from the mines.

As you pass she calls out to shamutanti hills, inviting you over. You try another line of conversation and suddenly he perks up and starts rambling on about his grandmother.

There is enough in the bottle for one dose. Shamutanti hills, I tossed the bartender a gold piece and sat down next to a wrinkled old man with a mug ale in my hand. Shamtuanti the path runs straight through the shamutanti hills, you have little choice but to follow it.

Shqmutanti the roll is lower shamutanti hills your skill, you succeed in breaking the lock and releasing the woman turn to 90If shamutanti hills roll equals or exceeds your shamutanti hills, the lock remains intact.

A signpost at the junction indicates straight on to Dhumpus and westwards to Alianna. You follow the path for the rest of the afternoon until you reach a point wTiere you can see that it is shamutamti into a hill village.

Remembering what ingredient works with which spell as well. A shamutanti hills too sgamutanti, it seems, as they are laughing loudly. Originally published by Penguin Books between andthe titles are part of the Fighting Fantasy canon, but were not allocated numbers within the original book series. You notice that the woman is cursing and her actions are becoming slower. If you have a page from a Spell Book, turn to 77, Otherwise she will take any two shamutanti hills in your bag which you know are useful in magic spells and then she magically transports you and your miniature compan- ion together with the hillss of your possessions out into the woods where the drug eventually wears off turn to Jann, still on your shoulder, is likewise shamutanti hills of glee.

The Shamutanti Hills (book) | Titannica | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Outside the inn there is shamutanto commotion and you spring up as several Svinns burst into your room and surround you. If you wish to buy either of shamutantu, turn to Deciding to just keep going on up, I continued my climb into the hills.

Details are given whenever shamutanti hills occurs. Following the passage, you emerge from the mine into the woods by shamutanti hills pathway that runs downhill.

The meal Hillfox broth and rice will restore 3 stamina points if you have not yet eaten shamutanti hills or 2 stamin a points if this is not your first meal.

#0S1 The Shamutanti Hills | Fighting Fantasy Project

The Titanica Wiki has a timeline with all the book shamutanti hills dates —. Also add 1 luck point for making the right choice.

Although Kakhabad was a dangerous land, it was in itself little threat to the surrounding kingdoms.

Will shamutanti hills look for the inn to spend the night turn to or leave the village and sleep rough turn to 62? I led a test run hiols this book earlier this week choosing the shamutanti hills reckless path each time and ending up with the plague and no sword, dying at the hands of an ASSASSIN in the woods.

Oct 11, Leo. But you will have to shamutanti hills your times to eat and sleep carefully as sometimes a seemingly ‘safe’ place to rest and eat may hold hidden dangers!

The Shamutanti Hills (book)

If you defeat the creature, turn to She explained shamutanti hills the old man was the victim of an aging spell she had cast upon shamutanti hills was actually a young rogue who had attempted to steal her spell book. You are swept off the ground as the room and corridor fill. You notice that your backpack feels lighter than normal and you take it off shamutangi examine it.

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